Giỏ hàng

Social and Humanities

Social studies and humanities in Australia is a very attractive sector not only for Vietnamese students but also for students from other countries in the world. Fields provide a high level of practical application and gives learners the opportunity to work in areas such as media, journalism, tourism, public relations and more.


The following are popular disciplines in the social and human sciences.


Research the media


Communication is becoming one of the most powerful tools to help promote globalization in areas such as business, education and entertainment. Australian communication courses are designed to balance academic theory with practice to help you develop your thinking and creativity. Based on Payscale's statistics, media graduates have a fairly attractive income range ranging from AUD 57,000 to AUD 103,000 a year.




The majority of Australian universities teach journalism from the college level to doctoral degrees. Six Australian universities are ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, including Queensland University of Technology (# 21), the University of Melbourne ( # 22), Monash University (# 33), the University of New South Wales (# 40) and the University of Sydney (# 44).


Schools focus on developing theoretical and practical skills in a balanced way so students gain a comprehensive view of their field of study as well as their abilities.


Public relations (PR)


PR has long been seen as a bridge between organizations and the community. When studying at Australian universities, you will have the opportunity to study and mix with internships at the press and publishing houses to improve your skills and relationships. Not only that, extensive career opportunities and attractive earnings (from AUD 55,000 to AUD 81,000 per year under the Payscale survey) are helping PR to become an interesting discipline for Vietnamese students.

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