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Informatics and information technology

Australia is one of the pioneers in information technology in the Asia-Pacific region. With the world's leading companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle based in New South Wales, this is a great opportunity for you to find a job and improve your ability in a global environment. .


The following are popular disciplines in the field of information technology and information.


Artificial Intelligence


With the explosion of technology, artificial intelligence has been one of the most talked about areas in recent years with industry giants such as Google and Microsoft focusing on investment in research and invention. Not only that, with world-class facilities and teaching quality, international students in Australia will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through in-and-out hands-on practice.


Industry graduates will have the opportunity to look for high-paying jobs with a wide range of jobs. According to a Payscale survey in March of 1977, science is one of the earning high-income industries with salaries ranging from AUD 52,000 to AUD 105,000 a year.


Computer system


This specialization provides students with a solid foundation in understanding how computer software works through issues such as operating and networking. Courses will focus on programming and operating systems, as well as the security and application of distributed software. Graduates of this degree can work in areas such as security, computer systems design or large scale network systems integration.


Software technology


This field of study is mainly devoted to research and development of software systems in areas such as project management, quality assurance and software testing. In addition, the discipline focuses on teaching the fundamentals of programming and computer science. This specialization will be suitable for students interested in hands-on approach, analysis, construction and maintenance of software.

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