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General information about Australia

Australians are relaxing at the Sydney Opera House

When it comes to Australia, it is certain that everyone will think of a large peaceful country with rich and friendly people. With 4 temperate climate seasons Australia is chosen as an attractive living and learning place for Vietnamese people.


I. Climate and natural resources in Australia

With 4 seasons post-spring-autumn-winter with an average temperature of 25 ° C in summer and 16 ° C in winter, Australia's climate is not as harsh as other places in the world like Canada or Brother. This is also a suitable place for the Vietnamese community. Australia has a strong emphasis on agriculture and worldwide export of products such as fruits, beef and seafood etc. In addition to having a rich natural resource, the Australian export industry is also known for These products like Iron, Gold, Zinc etc. with the world's largest mining companies like BHP Billiton or Rio Tinto.


Dubbed the beautiful countryside with many natural resources, Australia has the largest parks and national parks in the world where people can relax with their families on weekends.



II. Australia's economy and social welfare


Australians have one of the highest average incomes in the world



With the sixth largest area in the world and a population of only 23 million people, Australians have one of the highest average income in the world and ranked the second in the world in terms of human development index based on their United Nation. Besides, Australia's social welfare regime is ranked higher than the US and UK from education to health.


Australia has the economy in the top 20 of the world with stable and dynamic growth. For reasons above Australia attracts a lot of investment worldwide in many areas.

III. People and life in Australia.

23% of Australia's population is immigrants, so the country has a very diverse culture with more than 230 languages ​​used, the most popular are English and Chinese. The Vietnamese community here is ranked 6th with over 330,000 people, mainly located in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. With such a multiracial country, Australians are friendly and sociable regardless of where you come from.

The crime rate here is very low and the use of guns here is strictly controlled by the Australian government. In 2017, Australia's two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, were ranked among the top 10 most safe and livable cities in the world by The Economist newspaper.