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ISEA accompanies students on the path to success

With both Australian and Vietnamese backgrounds, ISEA has the advantage of being able to advise and support students throughout their studies. From the first stage such as preparing the application form, visa procedures until the student completed the course in the country of study.

Service dedicated, prestige, efficiency

We have a team of Vietnamese staff in Australia who are always available to assist students during their study abroad. Only the ISEA is focused on maintaining and fostering core values through providing a professional and reliable service for international students in Vietnam.

Professional team of consultants

With a team of experienced consultants in education and study abroad, we are proud and confident to offer the best service for international students. ISEA counselors are legally recognized by the Australian and Vietnamese Education Ministries.



With over 400 partner education organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and many other countries, ISEA assists students in finding the most appropriate learning path for their own desires and families. Family.

The professional and knowledgeable team of consultants will accompany you during the implementation of that dream.

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ISEA services

Consultant to choose the field, choose the school and study abroad
Experienced counselors will assist you in choosing the right course of study as well as with you to plan your study and living abroad.
Course registration
We offer free tuition for students enrolled in educational institutions around the world. Scholarships matching scholarships available to students.
Visa procedures
All document preparation procedures will be supported by ISEA staff during the application process.
Procedures for students under 18 years of age
Requirements for students under the age of 18 include seeking a guardian, registering for a guardian, etc. are included in the ISEA Professional Services.
Finding suitable accommodation for students
With more than 20 partners providing accommodation we will find accommodation suitable for the needs of students (Homestay, Dormitory, Unilodge, Urbanest, ...)
Assist students abroad
Headquartered in Sydney, we have Vietnamese staff who provide support services overseas to help international students integrate into their new environment.
Visa support visit relatives
We support parents in the visa application process to visit students who are studying abroad.
Organization of events
At ISEA, we focus on building a community where international students have the opportunity to meet and share experiences.

Free online support

With its professionalism and knowledge, ISEA is confident to accompany students and students on their way to study abroad.

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